Clash Royale – Art of the Push

Clash Royale – Art of the Push

Hey, here is a straightforward Starter Deck for Clash Royale. As the name implies, it’s really simple and doesn’t require much.

That is an easy guide for a deck I’ve been using in the beginning arenas, but it lasts for a while. It’s one of my favorite Clash Royale cheats and strategies.

It features tutorial cards and all arena 1, making it acceptable for everyone.

Cards Used: Archers, Bomber, Arrows, Spear Goblins, Mini PEKKA, and Musketeer, Giant, Prince

During the Battle: In a match you’ll have two choices. You are able to counter what your competition does if you do not have a favorable combo in your starting hand, or you can construct your slow push and force your opponent to respond. In these two scenarios you may use a combo that is similar to get crowns. Each push you do you should look to place a giant at the rear part of your side so you are able to reinforce it as it goes over the bridge and to be able to permit your elixir to regenerate. You will definitely want to look to combo your musketeer and prince with the giant when potential since it is going to ensure you a crown when you can stick onto the tower.(This can be seen multiple times in the video version of the guide)

Defense: You’ll primarily use bomber, your spear goblins, and archers defensively as the have a really low cost and enable you to cycle through immediately. Your musketeer should be used against balloons and baby dragons since it booms in air defensive situations. Your miniature PEKKA, believe it or not, is also excellent at protecting against giants and hog riders since it can go on a counter push after defending and has a high damage vehicle assault.

Weaknesses to Watch Out For: This deck can overwhelm many players which can be not prepared but can also have some very rough matches if things go sour. The only deck that’s given me issues like no other is the golem. Golems guard the gates to stadium 6 and beyond and are a major counter to this deck. The only way I’ve been able to defeat them is by counter shoving on the opposite side for an early crown afterward doing my best to defend it away. Another thing to be cautious of is clumping your troops up as this deck is very simple to fireball if you aren’t patient. The final thing that can cease your push is a skeleton military which once you have seen one time you will end up able use and to call your arrows or bomber in the future to overcome.


Oh and this has nothing to do with the simple push deck but it’s a cool video showing playing with all Legendary cards. Wish I had that deck!!!


Guide To Early Poptropica

Early Poptropica was the very first island to come out in Poptropica. Your objective in Early Poptropica is remarkably simple: one needs to get back three items that have been stolen from the island’s early citizens.

The Beginning

As soon as you jump down from your blimp, you will be on Main Street. You can walk inside the Pop Art Museum to browse a number of different paintings and talk with some famous artists. There are two multi-player buildings here: the Arcade and the Soda Pop Shop.

Ready to start exploring? It’s fun to jump up the side of the water tower in the middle of Main Street. You ‘ll see a flag there, but you won’t be able to reach it. Look down on the street and you ‘ll see a manhole that is open. Before you go down into that dark hole, you’re going to need something to help navigate down there. Getting back up isn’t so easy!

Old Poptropica

Go right on Main Street to get to Early Poptropica. The characters here take after pilgrims, and the buildings look like old-fashioned cabins. After you talk with each of the inhabitants, you ‘ll discover that three things have been stolen: a pig, a flag and a bucket for their well.

This is where you ‘ll be able to pick up a handy glow stick. The Glow Stick is in the very upper-left corner of this room. Grab the Glow Stick and it will go into your backpack.

Back to the Main Street Area

OK, with glow stick in hand, let’s go check out that underground area beneath the open manhole. Go ahead and enter the manhle and then make your way to the very bottom. There are some purple spiders here, but don’t be too worried about them. Keep falling all the way to the very bottom. You ‘ll land just fine. Then jump over the green spider and move directly to get the prized porker. Contact the pig to incorporate it in your backpack. You might be tempted to exit the manhole now, but there’s more to be found down there. Get past the green spider again and enter the tunnel on your left.

Because you have the glow stick, you ‘ll be able to navigate your way through the dark passages. When you find a rope, go up. Keep climbing until you find the Golden Egg. As you go, you ‘ll see a few clues written on the wall to let you know if you’re going the right way. When you find the Golden Egg, touch it to add it to your items.

Once you get the Golden Egg, make your way to the top left and exit. You ‘ll arrive in the Poptropica Towers area.

Taking a Peek at the Towers

So now you have the Pig, but you still need the Bucket and the Flag. Since you are at Poptropica Towers, you should start exploring the city street lined with tall buildings. Leap over to the ledge of the first building that you come to and head for the roof! Travel from building top to building top, bouncing off clotheslines to help you. When you reach the blue building, climb to the very top, which looks like a rooftop restaurant. Then go up the vine.

Clouds and the Giant

Now you’re in the clouds. Move right until you see a enormous pair of purple feet. Click on them to talk to the giant. He will take your Golden Egg as payment to enter his vegetable garden. Look near the vegetables to find the missing water bucket.

Exploring the Clouds

Continue moving right until you find the Aircraft Graveyard. You can’t use the aeroplanes right here, however, if you search meticulously, you will discover a Jet Pack. This is just what you need to get to high places– like the top of the Water Tower, where the Signal Flag awaits you.

Get back to Main Street as soon as possible. Next, equip the Jet Pack to fly to the top of the Water Tower. To fly, move your cursor until you see a green up-arrow. Hold your mouse button down to move up. Next move left or right. When you reach the top of the tower, click on the Flag to place it in your backpack.

Finish the Job

Now you’ve got the Pig, the Bucket, and the Flag. Return to Early Poptropica. (You can fly if you want to, but you’ll have to walk between Main Street and Early Poptropica.)

Talk to each of the three settlers who were missing items. When you do, the things are taken from your Inventory and returned to their original owners. Once you return the Signal Flag, a ship will make it to the pier. Talk to the person on the ship, and he will reward you with the Island Medallion. Congratulations!

Vampire’s Curse Island Cheats

Extra woot sauce! Vampire’s Curse Island has arrived on Poptropica. For realzio! Check the walkthrough, peeps! It’s a lot of steps to follow. Sorry about that.

Poptropica Vampire's Curse IslandThe twenty-fifth island mission in Poptropica is named Vampire’s Curse Island. Your main objective is to rescue a young teenager from a small village. She and her boyfriend were curious and went to the vampire’s castle. She was captured by Count Bram the vampire. In order to rescue her, you need to find your way through the vampire’s castle and figure out how to create a powerful anti-vampire serum to remove the vampire’s curse.

  1. The first thing that happens is that your arrive on Vampire’s Curse Island via your blimp. Once you arrive, there is a woman standing next to you and crying. Click on her to talk and you will learn that her daughter is missing. This will start your quest and you’ll see a message telling you that two teenagers have been kidnapped by the vampire Count Bram. You need to go to the castle to find them.
  2. Walk right, stopping to talk to the villagers to learn more about the missing teenagers. Keep going until you arrive in the next zone, the Cliffs.
  3. One of the missing teenagers is here. He explains that Katya was taken away by Count Bram. When you ask him if he plans to join the rescue, he says no and heads back to the village.
  4. Jump up onto the rocks. You’ll see a black werewolf appear on your left. He’ll chase you down and run you over.
  5. Hide inside the big tree by clicking on it.
  6. When the werewolf returns, click on the branch to the left to make it knock the werewolf out.
  7. Click on the tree trunk again to come back outside.
  8. Walk right and jump up the stairs. Jump through the vines/ropes hanging down from the bridge up above.
  9. Keep going and soon you’ll be standing on a large tree branch. A second werewolf attacks, knocking you both down, along with the tree branch.
  10. You’ll crash at the bottom but get a nice surprise: a log, which goes into your backpack.
  11. Go back again up the stairs and through the ropes. You’ll get to the top left corner of this zone.
  12. A third werewolf appears and knocks you over before running off ot the right. The werewolf runs to the rope bridge, where he stops and stands sentry. You’re blocked from crossing.
  13. All you need to do, though, is click on the bridge to cut the ropes. The werewolf and you both fall down, but you can then use the rope bridge as a ladder and head up the cliff.
  14. Now just go a few steps to the right to enter the Castle Grounds.
  15. You’re standing in a graveyard. Click on the tombstones to read them if you like. Soon you’ll see a large one with an open door. Go inside this area, called the Masoleum.
  16. Walk from right to left to pick up the teen vampire novel and the crowbar. Now go back outside.
  17. Walk right until you get to the edge of a large ditch. If you jump down you’ll discover you can’t climb up the other side. Instead, look at the building to your left and click on the drainpipe.
  18. Click on the downspout pipe to remove it from the building. You’ll be carrying it. Walk a few steps to the right so that you are just next to the gargoyle statue, and then click the pipe again to drop it.
  19. Next, just jump up on top of the large red handle in front of the statue. Pushing the handle down causes the statue to spit water out from its mouth. The water will land in the drainpipe and then flow into the ditch, filling it completely.
  20. Swim across the ditch to the right and then walk through the stone archway to get to the next zone.
  21. Now you’ll see several big boulders on the ground. There are three. Push the first one you see to the left so that it goes on top of one of the holes where water is spraying out. The water stops flowing from the spout that you just blocked and the pressure makes it go higher from the other holes.
  22. Remember that crowbar in your backpack? Use it to pry the next boulder loose and then move it over the next hole. The water pressure builds in the two open holes and it shoots even higher.
  23. The third boulder is up on a ledge to the right. Jump up on the right side of the area to get to it. Push it down and then push it over the third hole. Now the water is shooting really high!
  24. Jump into the water spout and let it carry you up to the window ledge above.
  25. Go through the open window to enter Count Bram’s castle.
  26. It’s really dark here but there’s a fireplace with embers still burning. To get the fire going again, use the teen vampire romance novel and the log.
  27. Locate the stepladder and push it over in front of the bookcase on the left.
  28. Take one of the pink candles and light it with the fireplace.
  29. Go up the ladder and then take a couple of steps to the left. Now jump up onto the platform. There’s a tiny platform above and to the left of this one, and you want to jump here and then do one more big jump up and to the right so that you land on top of a chandelier. When you walk to the middle of the chandelier, it lights up from the candle you’re holding and then the candle will melt.
  30. Go back down and get another candle. Only this time, don’t light the candle with the fireplace. Go back to the first chandelier and it will light while you’re standing on it.
  31. Now jump up and to the right to get to the second chandelier. Light it with the candle.
  32. Go back through this twice more to get the remaining chandeliers lit. When all four have been lit, the room lights up completely and you can see everything.
  33. Go back to the bookshelf on the left. On the floor is a small green item. Walk over it to pick it up. It’s a glass eye!
  34. Once more, climb up the ladder to the top of the bookshelf. You’ll see a mounted tiger’s head on the wall. Put the glass eye into the empty eye socket. Once you do that, the tiger’s mouth will open and a key will appear. Click on the key, which opens the door to the Armory.
  35. Jump back down to the floor and walk to the left until you come to a small wooden door. Use the key from your backpack to get inside.
  36. You will see a crossbow hanging on the wall when you first enter the armory. Walk over to it to pick it up. Then walk over to the cannon. Pick up a cannonball from the ground and click on the cannon to load it.
  37. Leave the armory and return to the previous room to get another pink candle. Light the candle in the fire.
  38. Run over to the cannon and light the end of it. It will shoot the cannonball out the window and the force of the shot makes the cannon flip around and point the other way.
  39. Load the second cannonball into the cannon. Return to the Great Hall to get another candle and light it in the fireplace.
  40. Return to the Armory and walk up to the cannon. Light it again. This time, the cannonball shoots out to the right and rolls into the library room.
  41. The cannon will now be pointing straight up in the air. Pick up the third cannonball and load it into the cannon.
  42. Head back to the library and push the cannonball in front of the fire. The cannonball gets hot from the fire. It is too hot to touch with your bare hands.
  43. Click on the poker next to the fireplace. Use the poker to push the cannonball into the open dumbwaiter to the left of the fireplace.
  44. OK, you need to get one more candle from next to the fireplace and light it. Go back inside the Armory and light the cannon one last time. It will shoot the cannonball up through the ceiling.
  45. Jump up on the cannon and then into the room above, where you’ll find a bucket. Put it in your backpack.
  46. Jump down again and return to the Great Hall. Keep moving right until you reach the large door that is locked with chains. You’ll use the handy crowbar you got in the Masoleum again. Pry open the chains with it.
  47. Go out of the castle and then stand next to the water spout. Use the bucket from your inventory and it will fill up with water.
  48. Return to the Armory and climb up on top of the cannon.
  49. Equip your crossbow and point it up to the wall on your left. Using the space bar, shoot repeatedly to create a ladder of arrows going up and down the wall.
  50. Quickly jump up from arrow to arrow until you reach the small room at the very top.
  51. Use the crowbar to open the boarded window and then use the filled bucket of water on the plant. It will grow huge very quickly and bust out of the window and over the side of the castle.
  52. Climb out the window and jump up the stairs to the right. When you reach the outside of the tower, jump up on the leaves of the plant.
  53. Go through the window and enter the tower. You are now in Count Bram’s lab and he’s been very busy working on something.
  54. Walk to the right and click on the dumbwaiter. The cannonball appears and rolls out, stopping next to the wolfsbane. Wait patiently, and the heat coming off the cannonball will cause the wolfsbane to wilt.
  55. Next click on the wilted wolfsbane to pick it up and add it to your inventory. Next, get the notebook on the desk and jump up onto the shelves to get the garlic.
  56. Go out of the laboratory through the wooden door and cross the top of the castle wall to the next tower.
  57. You’re now inside the count’s chamber. Jump onto the top of the coffin and next jump up to the left. Jump up to the right to land on the cage that’s hanging. Katya is locked inside. Talk to her and she’ll tell you what has happened. She’ll also tell you to find a book in the library to help you get the third ingredient for the serum. Leave for now to the right, falling all the way to the ground outside. Go back into the library through the door.
  58. Push the ladder over to the bookshelf on the right side. Climb up and grab the book titled, Root Causes. Inside, it has a picture of where to find the mandrake root.
  59. Go outside and proceed through the stone arch to the castle grounds.
  60. Walk to the right and you’ll see a wooden wall. Use the crossbow again to shoot arrows into it and jump up them until you get to a stone ledge above you. Here is the mandrake root.
  61. Go all the way back to the laboratory and then click on the microscope.
  62. Use the eyedropper to mix the ingredients and then put them on the cells. The correct ratio is one drop mandrake, three drops wolfsbane, and three drops garlic extract.
  63. You’ll get a new item in your backpack: an anti-vampirism serum syringe. Go out the door and return to Bram’s chamber.
  64. Walk to the right and you’ll see a small gate. Click on the sparkling rod in the umbrella bucket. Use it to hook the key inside the gate.
  65. Jump back up to the cage. Use the key you just found to unlock the cage and the girl will be free.
  66. Soon, Count Bram returns and Katya will help you escape him.
  67. Closely follow Katya as she makes her way up to the top of the castle. If you need to, you can use the garlic in your backpack to keep Bram far away. When you get to the top, Katya will give you back the syringe of serum.
  68. Aim your crossbow at Bram and shoot him with the serum. He will knock you down inside the library.
  69. Count Bram turns back into a human and thanks you for saving him. He then disappears into dust and rejoins his long-lost love, Annabelle, in the portrait above.
  70. Christopher, the other teenager, appears to rescue Katya. He’s a little late! But she’s in love with him and they kiss.
  71. You’ll see something on the ground where Count Bram’s cape is lying. It’s the island medallion! Congratulations, you’ve completed the quest.

Club Penguin Mission 11 Arrives

OK so mission 11 is finally here and that totally rocks. Except that it’s kind of a let-down because when you get to the end of the mission you find out that this is the end of the PSA! That’s right, no more Penguin Secret Agency and that probably means no more missions. I can’t believe we waited that long for a mission only to find out that it’s the very last one!

Well, the mission is still kind of fun and even though some parts are a little tough, it’s pretty easy to finish it. You get a medal like you do for all the missions. If you help the crying brown penguin, you also get a special gift from Dot and on that gift is a red button. Press the red button and then you will get some very cool spy glasses.

If you need help with all the parts of the walkthrough, here is a good step-by-step guide to the entire thing. I also watched a really good Club Penguin Mission 11 Walkthrough on SecretPenguin’s site.

  1. Use your spy phone to head to the PSA HQ and start Mission 11 by clicking on the icon in the lower-right corner.
  2. Speak with G. When you get to the questions about the seeds, choose any of the options. They’re all wrong. He’ll ask again, and then choose, “Are those corn seeds?”
  3. Use your map or your spy phone to go to Town. When you arrive, move to the right and then go into the Gift Shop.
  4. Rookie is here wearing a silly wig. Click on him to talk to him about what’s happening. After the two of you are finished speaking, don’t forget to click on the kernels of corn lying on the ground and then put them in your inventory.
  5. Next, scroll a bit and then click on the Gift Shop office door.
  6. When you arrive in the office, click on Jet Pack Guy to speak with him.
  7. There are some more corn kernels on the floor here. Pick them up and put them in your inventory.
  8. Your spy phone starts to buzz and ring. Answer it and you’ll get an important message from G.
  9. Midway through the call, your spy phone stops working. Head back to HQ using the secret entrance.
  10. Now head over to the Ski Village and click on the door of the Winter Sports Shop to go inside. Click on the dressing room curtain on the right to reveal he secret entrance into PSA HQ.
  11. Click on G to speak with him. Herbert appears on the screens and you will talk with him too.
  12. Next, head back outside to the ski village and you’ll see a group of penguins sitting around a projection system.
  13. Talk to Rookie and then click on the brown penguin to hear why he is crying.
  14. Head to the Beach and then click on the lighthouse door to go inside. You will see a DVD disc lying on the ground. It’s underneath the piano. Pick it up and place it in your inventory.
  15. Scroll to the left and pick up the spray bottle and cloth.
  16. Take the spray bottle and click on the DVD in your inventory. Spray a few times until you get a message about it being enough. Then click on the cloth and wipe the DVD a few times until you get a message that the DVD is completely clean.
  17. There’s an extra credit part here. This is what we need to do to get the special prize. You need to do some things to fix the poor brown penguin’s broken glasses.
  18. Pick up the empty tin can lying on the floor scroll to the left to see it. Take it outside to the beach and then fill it with water click on the can in your inventory and then click on the water.
  19. Go back to the HQ using the secret entrance and go inside the Gadget Room.
  20. Put the can with water in it on top of the conveyer belt. Click the lever to move it inside the chamber. Press the snowflake button to freeze it. Click the lever once more to remove the can from the chamber. It will tip over and an ice cube will fall out.
  21. Click on the ice cube and put it into your inventory.
  22. Use the map to go to the Beach. Go inside the lighthouse and click on the top part of the stairs to go up to the beacon on the roof.
  23. You’ll see an orange penguin in a construction hat here working on the telescope. Click on him to hear what he needs help with. Give him the ice cube from your inventory and he’ll use it to fix the telescope. He’ll let you have the spare lens. Click on it to put it into your inventory.
  24. Return to the Ski Village and give the spare lens to the brown penguin. He’ll use it to fix his glasses.
  25. OK, we’re done with that side trip and ready to get back to our primary objective. Click on the DVD player and put the DVD inside click on the open/close button, then place the DVD in the tray and press the open/close button again. It will start playing automatically.
  26. Talk with Rookie and he’ll mention the box on the side of the player. This is the transmission receiver. Click on the DVD player again and then click on your spy phone. Click on the tools button and select the spanner/wrench. Use the wrench on the box, and it will unscrew the panel so you can get inside.
  27. Now you will play a game that’s just like the classic game, Master Mind. It’s different for everyone but if you follow the instructions it’s very simple. You need to match the colors so that all four are the right color in the right place. Green circles mean it’s the right color in the right place. Yellow circles mean right color but wrong spot.
  28. Use your map to go to the Mine Shack. When you arrive at the Mine, you’ll see a corn field and a pathway. Click on it.
  29. There’s a trail of popcorn that shows you the way. Follow it until you reach an area with a large pile of popcorn.
  30. Pick up the small piece of torn paper on the ground and put it in your inventory.
  31. There are some footprints in the snow. Follow the path that leads to the right and keep following the footprints. Pick up the remaining pieces of torn paper as you go and place them on top of the original piece in your inventory. When you’re done, you should complete the piece of paper and see an icon appear in the top corner of the screen.
  32. Also, there’s a wooden board here. Pick it up and place it in your inventory.
  33. The next part is to go through the maze. Return to the big pile of popcorn and then use the directions you can see in the note you just assembled. Choose the paths with the watering can, the corn kernels, the fertilizer, the hot sauce and finally the coffee beans.
  34. Next, you’ll be at a small river that is blocking your way. Use the board in your inventory and put it over the river. Next, cross the river over the board.
  35. Take the kernels of corn from your inventory and place them on one of the torches. This will make popcorn that causes the ladder to slide down.
  36. Talk to Herbert and he’ll reveal more about what he’s up to. When he’s done talking, unplug the computer.
  37. Herbert uses his stolen spy phone to transport you back to HQ and the mystery item he has created travels with you. Click on G to talk with him. Herbert then appears on-screen and you’ll learn more about his terrible plot.
  38. Look for the group of books. There’s an orange book in the middle. Click on the orange book.
  39. A cool-looking device will emerge from the bookcase to your right. Click on the device and you’ll get a new puzzle to solve.
  40. You need to move the pieces around so that the colors on the inner and outer rings match up.
  41. A girl penguin will soon appear inside the bookcase. This is Dot from the DS game. Click on her to talk to her.
  42. You’re just in time. Dot comes to the rescue with a special transporter device that takes you safely outside the Winter Sporting Goods store.
  43. Dot and Gary talk to you a little bit and Gary takes a phone call from the PSA director.
  44. After they’re done talking, you’ll get your medal and the special gift from Dot for helping the brown penguin with his glasses. Great Job! You are now finished with Mission 11.

March Clothing Catalog is Here

The newest clothing catalog for March is now here. It was released on Friday and it has a lot of new stuff in it. The new clothes are mostly for the upcoming Club Penguin Play Awards which is kind of like the Oscars or Tony Awards but for all the Club Penguin plays. Many of the outfits are repeats from last year but there is some new stuff too. There are also a lot of cheats and secrets for special items that are hidden in the catalog like always. I think I found them all this time. A lot of them were hidden really well.

January Clothing Catalog Cheats on Club Penguin

The newest issue of Penguin Style, the Club Penguin Clothing catalog, is here in the Gift Shop. There are a lot of new outfits and quite a few secrets and hidden items within the pages of the catalog.

This new catalog for January 2010 also has a new page where you can create a customized t-shirt. To customize the shirt, choose from three different colors and five different patterns. When you’re done perfecting your custom t-shirt look, you can buy it for 250 coins. It’s neat to be able to have a t-shirt that can look different from what everyone else is wearing.

There are also many cheats and secrets inside the pages of the catalog. This is a quick list of all the secrets and hidden items. Following is a list of all the hidden items that you can uncover inside.

Pink Snorkel 200 coins
Pink Flippers 200 coins
Red Viking Helmet 750 coins
Blue Viking Helmet 1,200 coins
Stocking Cap 200 coins
Long Johns 350 coins
Black Superhero Mask 100 coins
Dizzy Wig 500 coins